Mildred Richards


Brief Synopsis

Mildred Richards, an egomaniacal, nearly bankrupt actress, enlists the assistance of her reluctant brother, Gerald, to wrest away the fortune of their elderly, ailing aunt. Mildred has nothing short of murder on her mind, as she and her brother drive to their aunt's country estate, but things get complicated by the aunt's doctor, lawyer and maid!

Director's Statement

Mildred Richards is the first Radio Film Picture (RFP). I began working on RFPs as far back as when I was a child...I just didn't know it then. It never crossed my mind while sitting on my mother's lap listening to radio dramas that there wasn't visual images to accompany the sounds I was hearing. I constantly envisioned what I thought I would one day see. Years later when I learned the truth I was disappointed but found I couldn't forget the images I'd married to the hundreds of radio shows. Moreover, when I recalled my favorites I found myself confused as to whether it was a Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Outer Limits... episode as opposed to something I only heard on the radio.

To deconstruct this confusion and to cope with my mother's death, Radio Film Pictures was born. It necessitated a whole new approach to filmmaking, one that naturally gave rise to its own terminology and way of shooting. Anyone can have a new idea but the key to directing is to get it from your head to the screen. I believe I've achieved this with my film.
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